What is BBES LINGERIE Rewards?

BBES LINGERIE Rewards is a free loyalty program that allows members to earn points with every purchase. Earn enough points and you’ll get a BBES LINGERIE Rewards E-Certificate for $10 off your next purchase in stores or online.

What's included with a BBES LINGERIE Rewards membership?

As a member, the benefits are fantastic!
• Points you earn go toward BBES LINGERIE Rewards E-Certificates
• Double Points events
• Advance notice of promotions
• A special birthday E-Certificate
• My BBES LINGERIE Rewards delivers the account information you need plus the fashion news you love, straight to your inbox
• Your own BBES LINGERIE Rewards page at BBES Lingerie.com where you can track your points
• Member-only exclusives like free shipping!
• The opportunity to earn even more benefits with BBES LINGERIE Premier Rewards

Do points ever expire?

Yes. Unredeemed points expire 90 days after they are earned. They will then be deducted from your balance. We will notify you by email prior to expiration.
What is my BBES LINGERIE Rewards account number? Back to top
A. If you have an online account, please go to Your Account and log in. Once you’re logged in, you’ll find your rewards number on the My BBES LINGERIE page.
B. If you do not have an online account you can:
a. Go to the Log In page and click “forgot it” and enter in your first name, last name, email address, phone and address. Your rewards number will populate for you.
b. If no match is found, email [email protected] and have an associate look up your account by providing your name, address and membership information.

How many points do I have?

A. By creating an online account you can check your points balance as often as you’d like. Log in or create an account by going here.
B. All Rewards members receive a My BBES LINGERIE Rewards email update every month, showing their current points balance. Sign up for email today.

Why am I not receiving my Rewards e-E-Certificates?

1. Make sure we have the correct email address – login and check online
2. Are you a Premier member? Check your points banking status online to ensure it is turned OFF. If it’s turned on that tells us you want to be in charge of when you receive your E-Certificates. Turn it off and we’ll automatically send them to you when you’ve earned them.

Once I've earned enough points, how long will it take to receive my Rewards E-Certificate?

Rewards e-E-Certificates are issued weekly. Please allow 48 hours to receive your E-Certificate in the email.

Can you email me my Rewards E-Certificate?

The only way to receive your Rewards E-Certificate is through the email so be sure your email address is up-to-date in My Profile.

Can you reissue my lost/expired E-Certificate?

As a service to our Rewards members, we offer a one-time exception if you accidentally let your E-Certificate expire, please email [email protected] to reissue.

What is a Premier member and how do I become one?

BBES LINGERIE Premier Rewards members are our most loyal shoppers and receive an incredible list of benefits:
• Free, next-day shipping
• Premier Bonus Points: earn 50% more points with every purchase
• Premier Choice Cards: two cards get you one Triple Points day every six months so you can really let the points pile up
• Premier Priority Attention gives you our best level of customer service

How can I become a BBES LINGERIE Premier Rewards member?

BBES LINGERIE Rewards members who earn 6,000 qualifying points in a calendar year (between January 1 and December 31) qualify for BBES LINGERIE Premier Rewards.

When I return my purchase do I get my E-Certificate back?

If you are able to exchange the item the same day that your Rewards E-Certificate was applied it is still valid for the item you’ve exchanged for. Unfortunately, if you are only making a return, your E-Certificate will no longer be valid.

Can you combine my accounts since I have more than one?

Yes! Just send an email with your all your accounts to [email protected]

Why didn't I get a birthday coupon this year?

There’s a good chance we haven’t seen you in awhile. If you haven’t shopped with us within the past year, we won’t send you a birthday E-Certificate. As long as you continue to shop with us in store, or online, we’ll be sure to send you a birthday E-Certificate.

If I'm a Rewards member can I get free shipping?

Yes, All Premier Rewards members receive free shipping by spending $50 or more. Just type in the shipping offer code at checkout. You’ll see it advertised on the homepage.

How do I cancel my Rewards account?

You can contact [email protected] to unsubscribe

Can all members bank their points?

This benefit is exclusive to our Premier Rewards members. So just keep shopping towards that Premier status

Can I cancel an order?

To cancel an item, access the Order Status link in the upper right-hand corner of any bbeslingerie.com page. Enter your email address and PIN. Click on the order number and select the item you wish to cancel. If a cancellation is possible, you will be presented with the Edit This Item link. At that point, you can select the Cancel button. If the order is too far along in the shipping process to cancel, the link will not be presented and the item will be shipped to you as scheduled. Upon receiving the package, should you decide to make a return, please follow the instructions from our return policy.

How can I check my order status and order history?

Online: Click on Order Status on the top-right corner of the page on bbeslingerie.com. Here, you can review current and past orders and returns with bbeslingerie.com. Also, depending on how far along your order is in the shipping process, you may be able to change the ship-to address, payment method, and/or shipping method. You may also be able to cancel your order.